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The Working Mind Long-Term Care

The Working Mind, Long Term Care (TWM LTC) focuses on giving employees and managers the tools to promote mental health in the workplace while reducing stigma around mental illness.

Designed in collaboration with the Canadian Association for Long Term Care, the program explores different aspects in the sector while focusing on improving participants’ knowledge of mental health.

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Who should take TWM LTC?

Long-term care managers and employees in every department, including nursing, food services, recreation therapy, spiritual care, and more.

TWM LTC courses are tailored for

  • employees (4.5 hours in-person, 5 hours virtual)
  • managers (8 hours in-person, 7 hours virtual)
  • workplace course facilitators (must first certify in TWM standard facilitator training over 5 days, 8 hours per day in-person and virtual, followed by a 90-minute, self-led upskill session for TWM LTC)

(Note: The content for in-person and virtual courses is the same. Varied durations stem from differences in scheduled breaks.)

  1. Employees

TWM LTC for employees takes four and a half hours when delivered in person and five hours virtually. By taking the course, you will learn to

  • understand mental health and mental illness
  • recognize signs and indicators of mental health and mental illness in yourself and others
  • reduce stigma and recognize negative attitudes toward people with mental health problems
  • support colleagues with mental health problems
  • maintain your mental health and improve your resilience.

Course modules:

  1. Mental Health and Stigma
  2. Mental Health in the Workplace
  3. Stress and Resilience
  4. Managers

TWM LTC for managers takes eight hours when delivered in person and seven hours virtually. In addition to the material covered in TWM LTC for employees, you will learn to

  • support your employees’ mental health and well-being
  • enable all employees to be more fully productive
  • ensure the workplace climate respects and involves all employees, including those with mental health problems
  • encourage employees to seek support for mental health challenges.

Course modules:

  1. Mental Health and Stigma
  2. Mental Health in the Workplace
  3. Stress and Resilience
  4. Supporting Your Team
  5. TWM LTC for course facilitators

TWM LTC Facilitator Certification Training (FCT) teaches you how to lead a course. To qualify, you first must take the TWM standard facilitator training followed by a self-led upskill course.

Why train in-house?

Having a TWM LTC facilitator as part of your organization is the most cost-effective way to improve mental health in your workplace. Adopting this strategy brings you

  • efficient and convenient courses that suit your workplace schedules
  • trainers who know what resources are readily available to your workforce
  • a meaningful commitment to supporting mental health in the workplace
  • a way to support mental health champions — a valuable and easily accessible resource for employees.

The TWM FCT program comprises five eight-hour sessions delivered in-person or virtually, followed by a 90-minute, self-led upskill session for TWM Healthcare (which provides them access to LTC materials). The program features

  • interactive sessions and course activities led by an experienced master trainer
  • engaging group discussions
  • hands-on practice teaching TWM course topics
  • self-paced instruction through the MHCC’s learning management system
  • a comprehensive facilitator binder, peer feedback, coaching from a master trainer, and knowledge checks.

For more information, see  The Working Mind, Facilitator Certification Training.

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